7 Best AI Math Solver: Tools

7 Best AI Math Solver: Tools that Will Change the Game

Have you checked out our article about generative AI examples? If not, you might want to give it a read.

And if you think that math has nothing to do with artificial intelligence, think again. Math is one of the best examples of generative AI, and it’s changing the way we see the world.

From solving complex equations to predicting future trends , AI is revolutionizing the way we do math. In this blog post, we’ll be listing seven of the best AI tools for math that will change the game forever.

7 Best AI Math Solver: Tools

What are the 7 Best AI Math Solver?

Wolfram Alpha:


Are you grappling with challenging math homework problems? Wolfram Alpha, an AI-powered math solver, might just be your saving grace.

This robust platform stands out in the realm of algebra, solving intricate equations with deftness and providing step-by-step solutions.

It doesn’t stop there; Wolfram Alpha is also capable of generating 3D graphics and plotting graphs. While it comes with a cost, the value it delivers is tremendous, making it a game-changer in the field of math.



SymboLab stands as a beacon for students who find themselves struggling with various math subjects.

This tool offers more than just algebraic solutions; it encompasses a wide range of mathematical disciplines, including the complexities of trigonometric functions. SymboLab fosters learning by providing step-by-step solutions, thereby enabling students to comprehend the underlying mechanisms and apply this knowledge in future problem-solving.

Its practice mode further solidifies the concepts and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter. While basic features are free, advanced functions come with a cost, but the investment in one’s learning is priceless.



GeoGebra is a versatile tool that harmonizes the worlds of algebra and geometry to tackle a wide range of math problems.

This innovative platform enables users to plot functions, construct geometric figures, and unravel complex algebraic equations.

GeoGebra provides an intuitive interface where math problems take on a tangible form, bridging abstract concepts with practical applications.

It’s a powerful, cost-effective resource for any student grappling with the intricacies of geometry and algebra. The best part? GeoGebra is available for free, making sophisticated math problem-solving accessible to all.



Desmos, an AI-powered tool, has successfully positioned itself as an invaluable resource for students and educators seeking to solve complex math problems.

This exceptional platform offers robust functionality, enabling users to graph functions, plot varied data, and tackle intricate equations.

As a powerful math solver, Desmos goes beyond simply providing solutions; it allows users to visualize mathematical concepts in an interactive landscape, thereby making abstract equations more tangible and comprehensible.

This tool, free to use for all, has revolutionized the way learners engage with mathematics, fostering a deep understanding of the subject and nurturing problem-solving skills.



Mathpix is a revolutionary AI-powered tool that efficiently aids in the process of solving mathematical problems.

This dynamic platform is designed to help students tackle math questions step by step, making it an invaluable resource to those seeking math help.

By simply taking a snapshot of a handwritten or printed mathematical problem, Mathpix uses its advanced AI to not only provide the solution but also explain the process in a detailed, step-by-step manner.

This in-depth method of problem-solving fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter, making Mathpix a preferred choice for students grappling with complex mathematical concepts.



Mathway is a versatile and efficient tool that serves as a reliable companion for students facing challenging math problems.

Providing comprehensive step-by-step solutions, Mathway excels in areas including calculus and arithmetic, making it a comprehensive resource for a diverse range of mathematical disciplines. With an intuitive interface, it allows users to input their word problems and delivers accurate solutions in a matter of seconds. Despite its broad spectrum of capabilities, access to certain features may be limited.

Nonetheless, the tool’s ability to simplify complex mathematical concepts and provide detailed solutions remains unparalleled, making Mathway an invaluable asset for learners worldwide.



TutorEva is an AI-powered math tutor designed to transform the way students approach their homework.

This exceptional tool serves as a reliable math homework solver, guiding students through each step of problem-solving whenever they feel stuck. Whether tackling challenging geometry problems or grappling with complex calculus equations, TutorEva diligently works to provide the best possible solutions, enhancing the learning process.

This tool is especially beneficial for students aiming to improve their grades and excel in exams. With its capacity to solve math problems efficiently and effectively, TutorEva is indeed a game-changer, making it an essential companion for students around the globe.


In the course of academic success, it is essential for students to have reliable support, especially when it comes to challenging subjects like mathematics.

Tools like Mathway and TutorEva, as AI math problem solvers, provide step-by-step solutions that not only serve as answers but also as learning aids. These tools are particularly useful during exam preparation, as they help students grasp complex mathematical concepts and save time.

By providing chat-based assistance, they make problem-solving a less daunting task, fostering a better understanding of the subject. In conclusion, the integration of such intelligent tools into daily learning can significantly enhance academic performance and make the journey to success smoother.

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